Squirrel Eiserloh

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"Simply put, Squirrel is a joy to work with. He is a catalyst for results and a positive environment. Learning, growth and happiness seem to be key components of his life and he shares them freely with anyone who wants them. There aren't words to express my admiration for him."

"Squirrel is a brilliant programmer and an extraordinary communicator. The passion, technical knowledge, leadership skills and responsibility that he brings to a team is truly incalculable. And his luminous personality and great sense of humor is inspiring, making him an absolute joy to be around."

"Squirrel is the kind of guy every company dreams of hiring - he has both skill and passion in spades. He has an incredible ability to analyze in any domain and communicate effectively. He also has a talent for design and implementation, be it software, games, process, or organization. He's one of those rare people who will galvanize others in the pursuit of excellence, and an all-around great guy."

"Squirrel is a true leader in every sense of the word. What sets Squirrel high above the rest is that, while his technical skills are in the top 5 percentile, he is unassuming and always willing to help others learn and grow. This makes him a superior choice to lead any project. Technically, Squirrel is one of the most skilled programmers I have ever worked with. His personality exceeds his technical skills. I can't say enough to recommend him."

"Squirrel is the type of person you always wanted to work with and hope to work with again. He is a fantastic programmer that relishes in his craft. On Anachronox he managed to perform coding feats, teach us all to be better developers, and helped keep us together with his beaming attitude towards life. Squirrel is a huge part of what made Anachronox worth shipping, and a pleasure to work on."

"Squirrel is one of the few people who I would blindly want to collaborate with on *any* type of project, not just game development. His inquisitve mind, critical thinking skills, and eye for quality give him a true advantage in the world of creative problem solving. He is an excellent programmer, talented and compassionate leader, savvy and dedicated worker, and a true asset to any team."

"Squirrel is a fantastic programmer who puts a great deal of thought and planning into system architecture. He highly values teammates and is gifted at directing discussions into productive tasks. As well, he has both an enthusiasm and skill at teaching and training what he knows. Squirrel is a joy to work with."

"He has always done a superlative job -- always someone I could go to for accurate technical advice. Squirrel is the most gifted person I have ever had the pleasure to call a friend."

"Squirrel is a brilliant mind attached to hands that can type on a keyboard, and thus he is a programmer. His APE scripting system, well-thought-out design input, and programmer chops were key to making Anachronox the cool game it is. And he is a great GDC speaker, too! In his spare time, he is a master analyzer of game systems unparalleled. All hail Eiserloh!"

"Squirrel and I have worked AT two companies together, but not until Ritual did I have the pleasure of working WITH him. As an artist, there are few programmers to which I readily relate. Squirrel is as creatively minded as he is intelligent. Ready and more than willing to explain technical hurdles in the easiest and most complete means. An amazing listener, speaker, and coder. I can't say enough."

"Squirrel is one of the most intelligent and friendly people I've met. His expertise and ability in math, physics, and geometry as well as other advanced topics is unparalleled. My interactions with Squirrel were always pleasant and I believe that his input and time spent with me made me a better programmer and better at my job."

"I brought Squirrel Eiserloh to Columbia College to give a lecture to our Game Design students and what he did went far beyond a lecture. I can say without hesitation that Squirrel was the most inspiring, engaging and insightful lecturer that I have had the pleasure of working with over the past year. The lecture was so engaging that the students are still talking about him and many now have the goal of working for him post graduation. Squirrel has a strong understanding of his subject matter and has the rare talent of being able to translate tough topics such as physics and difficult programming into something that is easily digested and understood even by the most right brained thinkers such as myself. I know his heart still lies in the game industry but he is a truly exceptional educator and we at Columbia College sure would love to steal him as a teacher."

"Eiserloh is rugged, street smart, and ONE TOUGH COP. Always the oracle when it comes to math, physics, or just about any programming knowledge--Brian's fearless leadership got Anachronox across the finish line, and was the THIN BLUE LINE between the good citizens of Dallas and the criminal masterminds who prey on them. There's a new kind of hero on the streets--and his name is EISERLOH."

"I have worked with "Squirrel" on a number of book projects in the technical gaming area and have found his work and reputation to be exemplary. His insight into programming and gaming in general is at the top of his field and his reputation is outstanding."

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